Equality in Policing

Relationship building between the City of Atlanta’s citizens and APD by ending policing zones and implement district policing.

Via the Police Athletic League, beginning summer 2022, creation of a Basketball league of 12 teams (one from each District) versus APD Officers of the same district.

Gang Related Education And Training program will teach kids to avoid aspects of gang life.

The Officer Day” program at schools in Atlanta will include officer’s visitation at Atlanta schools within their District to meet kids and parents.



Create an Office of Sustainability which will create the blueprint for a SmartATLANTA.

A suggestion box where citizens can let city leaders know about Issues in their communities using innovative technology.

(SBD) will work with business associations in each District to help streamline business license/permit processes and assist in increasing the number of successful small businesses in Atlanta.

100 for 100 Program will raise $100 million in capital for 100 minority businesses, while also creating a an accelerated MBA Program for entrepreneurs.

K-12 Education

Creation of 10 institutes to advance the math and science skills of students from disadvantage backgrounds. Institutes will include:

  • Katherine B. Johnson
  • Aerospace Institute;
  • Joseph L. Searless III
  • Investment Banking
  • Institute; John C. CaDena
  • Debate and Public
  • Speaking Institute; John W
  • Cromwell Accounting and
  • Finance Institute; Zelda
  • B.W. Valdes Fashion
  • Institute; Luis Barragan
  • Architect Institute; Mary
  • Jackson Mathematics and
  • Science Institute; John S.
  • Ford Computer
  • Engineering Institute;
  • Molina Mario Chemistry and Environmental
  • Science Institute; Chien–Shiung Wu Physics and Green Infrastructure Institute.

Homeless/Mental Health

Transferring Individuals Back into Society (TIBIS) Program is a 12-month program which will engage with Atlanta’s unsheltered population. By using city property, the program will offer mental health, physical testing, and life skills building programs to the homeless.

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