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About Richard

My name is Richard N. Wright, and I am running to be your Mayor of Atlanta. I am running to make each citizen of Atlanta’s life better from Buckhead to Bankhead. I moved to Atlanta in 1997 with $500, a GED and a dream. My Mother, after many a conversation, finally convinced me to enroll in college. I attended Herzing College where I earned a BS in Business Administration. I decided to further my education. I enrolled in Stayer University and graduated with my MBA. I then took on the monumental task of passing the CPA exam to be become a licensed Certified Public Accountant. I then went on to receive my Master of Legal Studies from Arizona State’s “Sandra Day O’ Conner Law School”. After the passing of the Jobs Act in 2018, I attended Georgetown University Law School where he received a Certificate in International Tax Law. My education, corporate work experience, life experience, and love for this city enables me to know that I am the best candidate to bring fiscal transparency and responsibility to the city of Atlanta.


Atlanta has systemic issues that will require a comprehensive response. Urban economic development, affordable living, fiscal transparency and responsibility and our homeless population are a few of many issues that have created a divide within our city that we can no longer accept. Our deserve policing and community safety partnerships that are effective and just. We deserve safer communities, quality affordable living, enactment of creative solutions for our homeless population, and to create a Smart Atlanta through technology that protects, provides, and promotes equality.


We must have strategies with objectives that are measurable. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has worked in corporate America, I understand analyzing data. I will leverage my experience in corporate America as well as my experience working with small businesses to provide stability and transparency in our city budget. I know first-hand about fiscal responsibility and holding leaders responsible for financial results. I have created and built relationships off trust, honesty, and loyalty. These special values must be brought back into our city. If elected as your next Mayor, my goal is to create and cultivate my relationships with City Council, APD and our communities at large.



Every successful campaign has a successful grassroots network.
We can’t do it without you.