Clippers and Cops

This event is held in Barbershop. Giving Richard a chance to hear and address the concerns of the general public and law enforcement. Exchanging dialogue about today’s issues including various topics, such as politics, sports, women rights, or current events.

Discussions are respectful and insightful. Over the last few years, one of the most controversial topics in the United States is citizen and police relations. Clippers and Cops organization sets the stage to have the tough conversations.

They have assembled a diverse group of males and females which include officers, citizens, and some who have had run-ins with law enforcement in one place to discuss openly how to make things better. Richard Wright and the Wright For Atlanta Campaign were privileged to engage in this thought-provoking and call to action forum.

Thursday, July 22 Atlanta, GA

Black Politics
Young Democrats of Atlanta Town Hall
Clippers and Cops

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